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The Arizona Daily Star, November 6, 2015
sheworXX set to stage 7 plays in one evening by Kathleen Allen
T. Loving rehearses a reinterpreted version of Sleeping Beauty in front of a projection of a foreign version of the movie. The production is from Sheworxx, a women’s theatrical collective.
Pam Burris has lots to say. 
Unfortunately, she is a playwright. What she has to say in her plays has little chance of being heard from the stage.
And she’s not alone: Only 22 percent of the plays produced this season by theaters in this country are made by women, according to a Dramatists Guild/Lilly Awards study.

Tucson Weekly, November 5, 2015
She Writes by Sherilyn Forrester
Compared to men, women have a different type of truth to tell, according to Pam Burris, a member of the less than year-old sheworXX. Women pay attention to different things. But women's voices have been suppressed for so long that getting to the point where those voices can be heard requires some hard work in an environment different from the typical one.
"That's what we were looking for. A group committed to giving visibility and support for women developing plays. We wanted an opportunity to present our work in an environment where we could have our voice and be heard." 
The "we" she refers to is about 20 women in Tucson who are serious about writing plays. They all resonate with Burris' statement, and so they began to speak with each other about how to get what they needed. The result is sheworXX.

Desert Leaf, November 2015 Issue
sheworXX and She Wolves by Patrick Baliani


Tucson Weekly, August 6, 2015
Epic Musical by Sherilyn Forrester
Writer Germaine Shames was once asked by an interviewer, “When did you become a writer?” 
“I’ve always been a writer,” she replied.
I asked Shames about that declaration in a recent telephone interview. “I’ve always had a sort of narration going on in my head. I’ve always felt like I was a little on the outside, observing.”
It has been years, and a rather circuitous route, that has brought her to the full manifestation of what she felt for years, and she thinks she has finally found the genre that suits her most: musical theater. And a producer and his company in New York is interested in producing her first effort. The process has been set into motion and at the very least, her musical You, Fascinating You, will be showcased at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2016, where new shows, according to the NYMF website, “are subsidized and provided all the key components needed to realize a show … giving independent artists and emerging producers resources and opportunities they couldn’t otherwise access or afford.” The play has already been a finalist in the Chicago Musical Theatre Festival.

Tucson Weekly, April 30, 2015
Outside the Lines by Sherilyn Forrester
About nine weeks ago, a group of women decided that, although they appreciate OPP's ways of doing things, and have themselves been the recipients of OPP's nurturing ways, they would like to experiment with a different approach to writing plays. So they gave birth to sheworXX. This Saturday they invite us to take a look at what they are all about.
According to Eugenia Woods, a long-time Tucsonan whose works have been produced here and elsewhere, the group felt they would like to work within a process which seems more in tune with how women, by nature, work together. This is an idea that has taken root in the evolution of feminism. She calls it a “non-linear” and a collaborative endeavor, from start to finish.

The Arizona Daily Star, April 30, 2015

sheworXX to Rock It Saturday Night 
by Kathleen Allen

This town rocks with incredibly talented people. Especially people of the female persuasion. A group of such folks has banded together to form SheWorXX — theatercentric women, playwrights, directors, actors and others determined to develop and expose works by women. The idea is to give theatrical voice and a presence to their gender.
The group’s first event will happen Saturday at the YWCA, 525 Bonita Ave.: A reading of Tucson playwright Elaine Romero’s play, “The Fat-Free Chicana and the Snow Cap Queen.” Esther Almazán directs.

s h e w o r X X . o r g