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February 11, 18, 2016:
Writing Workshop: Make-a-Home 

Facilitated by Denise Uyehara 
Make-A-Home is a writing and performance workshop in which participants are invited to create homes of their past out of natural and found objects, write about these homes and create mini-installations using text, object and performance.
No writing or performance experience is necessary.
This series of two workshops will engage participants in writing that springs from personal oral history to create text-based performance. 
DENISE UYEHARA is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist interested in memory and what marks us as we cross borders of identity.  She has been performing and teaching for over 20 years, with her work presented across the U.S. and in London, Canada, Helsinki and Tokyo.  Uyehara has taught numerous workshops for queer-identified, women's communities and people of color.
Denise's web page