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Entre Sueñnos was a life storytelling event and theatrical collaboration in the making. One night only in Tucson (sold out!) before moving to Phoenix! Look for more in the future!
Reframing Justice is a multimedia storytelling initiative with people and families who are/have been systems involved. The stories collected form a specialized body of knowledge about justice, unfreedom, and the afterlife of the criminal punishment system on individuals, families, and communities in Arizona. 
The inspiration for this event came from Dr. Grace Gamez, Program Associate at American Friends Service Center, Tucson, where she runs the Reframing Justice Project, using storytelling to encourage an ethic of justice that centers around compassion. Grace is a dreamer, mother, partner, scholar, writer and storyteller. She is a member and organizer of North Star Collective, a published author, and a public speaker. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her partner and their two children. You can connect with Grace by emailing ggamez@afsc.org and you can see more of the Reframing Justice Project by visiting https://afscarizona.org/reframing-justice/.

Manny Mejias
Jesus Robles
Jonathon Tretheway (as read by Marissa Garcia)
Angels's Story (as read by Tuesday Brauer)
Tasha's Story (as read by Ersula Ore)
Veronica's story (as read by Erika Ovalle)

Producer/Director: Marissa Garcia

Sponsoring Organizations:
American Friends Service Committee, Arizona
YWCA of Southern Arizona
Odyssey Storytelling, Tucson
sheworXX Theatre-Making Collaborative, Tucson
Justice That Works, Phoenix
AZ Humanities