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From the sheworXX weekly writers came:
The Woman Behind Me, Anja Leigh
Creation Myth, Janice Ambrose
Bite the Bullet, Pam Burris, performed by Ivy Clements
Centerline, Grace Fryberger, performed by Halsy Taylor
A short Tale and a Tiny Heroine, Janice Ambrose
I Wish I Could Live Today, Carlota Wilson
I Am, Diane Harland 
Artists, Grace Fryberger, performed by Halsy Taylor
Irreplaceable, Martha Boose
Harness, Charly van den bergh
Like a Parrot, Janice Ambrose
Motherbonding, Lola Lai Jong 
Maybe You Will be Self-Luminous, Bethy Wernert
Woman’s Honoring Song, all
Directed by Martha Boose
Associate Director, Grace Fryberger
Producers, Kim Lowry and Pam Burris
Tech, Erin Fingal and Izzy Hernandez
Chicko, Deb Jacobson, Jane Macomber and Susan Danos 

"What a gift to witness the Love clad gift to the world that women are. Really beautiful."

“It was wonderful to hear the words from such a diverse group of women! This was so much more than I had expected it to be. The movement, the staging, the sequence of one person's story moving into the next.”

“It was a total evening of entertainment. Many of the stories were poignant, some funny. Such a nice mix. I felt like I got to know a bit about each person.”

“I especially enjoyed the signed piece. I worked quite a few years as a sign language interpreter. Whoever composed the signed sequence is a terrific interpreter. The woman who signed - she was totally engaging.”

“We enjoyed the show! It appeared that you all put out a continuously high voltage of energy, and I think your audience picked it up.   Good show!”

“CONGRATULATIONS! I loved the show.  So amazing to experience a cast of such diversity on all levels. Thank you to every member of your group for sharing those moving stories & perspectives. I also loved the music and the flavor of the musicians themselves.”

"We were just talking about it...what a wonderful flowing work of beautiful art !!!!! Break a leg tonight."

“I loved all the presentations, but the one that still has me thinking is' Harness'.”

"Thank you again for the privilege to witness such an amazing performance.  Each story was beautifully written and expressed in such a wonderful creative way.  What a great group of talented ladies.”

“Awesome, professional, creative, inspiring, heartfelt, magnificent. Bravo.”

“I really enjoyed the Women's Honoring Song after hearing all these diverse stories written by women.."

“We had a really good time at the event and came home feeling uplifted the way you do after really good art.”

"We both loved it! The stories were so touching and the acting was excellent. The arrangement of the production was so great, coming in with apologies  at the beginning, going thru the audience at end, actors sitting motionless throughout was very dramatic, and music and prayer at end were all delightful. A wonderful performance!”