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Leslie Powell Development

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The A Word

by Leslie Powell
September 3, 2015: sheworXX member reading directed by Esther Almazan and featuring
Cindy Blue, Meagan Jones, Eric Everts and Ron Pullins.
Synopsis: Mother and adult son meet for the first time amid a flurry of expectations and unresolved feelings. 
He brings with him not only the issues of his adoption but a woman he has befriended who has her own difficult choices. 
Bridging generations, the available choices, the consequences of choices we have made, The A Word is a study in the 
lives of millions of women who know adoption, abortion, abandonment, and atonement. With unsentimental authenticity, 
The A Word takes us inside the real-life emotions that surround adoption, providing a vehicle for understanding the 
emotional reality from the point of view of the son, as well as from the far less explored landscape of the birth mother. 
Strong and often humorous, this play offers no simplistic packaging for this complex subject matter. But it gives us 
a starting place for the words we so desperately need.