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Kelly J. Hardesty Development

Guy with the Boat
by Kelly J. Hardesty
September 2015: Public reading directed by Leslie Powell and featuring
Meagan Jones, Robin Carson, Gary McGaha, Tony Eckstat and Pam Burris.
June 5, 2015: Living room reading directed by Leslie Powell and featuring
Bella Blue, Sydney Flynn, Vince Flynn and China Young.
April 3, 2015: Living room reading directed by Leslie Powell and featuring
Zoey Watson, Leah Ellis, Daniel Lopez, Ron Pullins and Ellie Vought.
March 29, 2015: sheworXX table reading directed by Eugenia Woods and featuring
Meagan Jones, Bree Boyd, Eddie Diaz and Dave Sewell. 

I was lucky enough to be involved in the process of the inaugural [workshop] reading for sheworXX. 
This was such a great experience for me because I was able to see how much thought and work goes into 
creating a play before it even gets to my hands as an actor."
Eugenia Woods, Director

"Being able to process the work in a safe, supportive and collaborating environment felt like a gift. 
Not many artists are given that opportunity (from my experiences) as a piece of art is being born. It 
felt very special to me and allowed me to connect with the director, the playwright and the actors in 
such a welcoming way. I was engaged the entire time and wanted to hear the ideas and perspective of all 
the artists contributing to the reading and hearing those ideas and different perspectives inspired me."
–Eddie Diaz, Actor