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Janice Ambrose

April 28, 2016, WTF Reading:
Dog Star Jamboree: the Earth Mother’s Tale
by Janice Ambrose
Directed by Dylan Fairfax with Original Music by Dave Sewell
Two avatars from Sirius, the Dog Star, resurface and cleanse planets throughout the galaxies. Zeus calls them to attempt to reverse the destruction of the Earth Mother’s world overrun with garbage, Scaly Wags, and underworldly deceits and complicit corruptions. 
Sydney Flynn - Nymph
Vince Flynn – Zeus
Ryan Bono – Jack Knox
Eric Everts- Hades
Gavin Kayner - Lek
Yori Johnson - Toto
Pam Burris - Izzy
T Loving – Earth Mother
Meagan Jones- Persephone
Q Paul – Cloneboy